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Andrew Nienaber

“I am thrilled to be named the first Artistic Director in Permian Basin Opera's history. With the help of the new Executive Director Sarah Jones and the Board of Directors, I hope to build on the success of last year's production of Tosca and bring the best talent to Midland and Odessa to create a tradition of live opera performance that the Permian Basin can be proud of. And I am doubly excited to announce that the first production of my tenure will be my award-winning production of Donizetti's charming comedy The Elixir of Love. I thought of the show immediately when I saw the Yucca Theater, and I hope that this very audience-interactive production will serve as my way of inviting Permian Basin audiences to come be a part of their opera company. “

Executive Director

Sarah Jones

“I am truly humbled and honored to be able to represent my communities and my love for the arts through Permian Basin Opera. I have been gifted with an opportunity to make the people and particularly children in our area a part of something greater. I hope to one day make Permian Basin Opera as much ingrained in our community’s souls as our other beloved arts organizations and I hope that everyone takes ownership and pride in this with me. I’m excited
about the leaps this organization has taken over the last couple of years and can’t wait to continue moving onward and upward, through working with the Board of Directors and the new Artistic Director, Andrew Nienaber."

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