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Opera in the Schools

One of the goals of PBO is to continue to provide quality, live, musical educational programs for school-aged children and youth of the Permian Basin through our project "Opera in the Schools."

Opera productions fulfill various elements of specific criteria in the Arts, Music, and Theater sections of the Fine Arts chapter of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. However; none of the criteria include any mention of students observing and actively listening to live
performances of musical presentations.


Probably this is due to the expense involved with making live concerts
and performances available to students since opera is a composite art
form requiring the talents of many people to produce quality productions.
PBO seeks to fill this tremendous void in our students' education.


Our desired outcome of this project is to give students the opportunity to experience opera in a live, entertaining production. This experience will expand their knowledge, and they will develop an appreciation for an art form that they might have missed.

While the "Opera in the Schools" project is costly, we believe the value of the experience for our students is priceless.

Participating Schools:


Andrews ISD, Bynum School, Ector County ISD, Fort Stockton ISD, Greenwood ISD, Midland ISD, Trinity School


Past Performances

Houston Grand Opera, Texas Tech Children's Opera, Wayland Baptist University


2011 - Texas Tech Children's Opera: Goldilocks and The Three Bears

2012 - Houston Grand Opera: Hansel and Gretel

2013 - Houston Grand Opera: Strega Nona

2014 - Fort Worth Opera: Mythbusters; HOUSTON GRAND OPERA: Cinderella in Spain

2015 - Houston Grand Opera: The Velveteen Rabbit

2016 - Odessa College: The Three Little Pigs

2017 - Houston Grand Opera: Hansel and Gretel

2018 - Wayland Baptist University: The Three Little Pigs

2019 - Wayland Baptist University: La Prime el poi de la Musica

2022 - Opera of the Plains: Little Red Riding Hood

2023 - Opera of the Plains: Puss in Boots

2024 - Opera of the Plains: Blancaflor

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